Sunday service is a very simple idea and one that really sets Noble apart.

During COVID-19 our telemedicine program has taken off. Through our phone consultations and secure JaneApp video conferencing software we are seeing patients all day every day. This has led to the need for lab and supplement delivery in Greater Vancouver. Since patients cannot leave their homes Amy and I are out on the road making deliveries.

On Sundays we usually head out around the city when our youngest is due for a nap. We drive and take in the cherry blossoms. Last week I was telling Amy about how we really need to be able to properly do evaluations during this time and treatments are postponed because patients cannot get to supplement stores or pharmacies. She said, “we are out on Sundays anyway, let’s just drop them off.”

And so, if you are a patient at Noble and have recently done a consultation with us (and you live in Greater Vancouver) you are eligible for our free lab kit, lab requisition and supplement delivery. Sundays between 12 and 2pm we are doing front door drop offs.

COVID-19 is such a difficult time for so many. When it comes to long term wellness and disease prevention there has never been a better time. For those who have had benefit from supplements in the past and are due for a refill we are here to support you. Let us know what you need and we will do everything we can to fulfill your order. We are signing up as new retailers of professional brands each and every day and will be able to access whatever it is you need.

Many people in Greater Vancouver are able to take this time at home as a reset where they really look at their overall wellness and focus their effort on where they may need support. For some it is nutrition changes. Some people are exercising more at home. Others are trying new stress reduction techniques. For those of you needing functional lab testing we are here to help.

Functional testing is used to assess how a system is working and is non-diagnostic. For example, we have evaluations for digestive function, hormone function, brain function, immune function and the insights they give us are able to guide therapy. When we think the symptoms suggest a system is improved retests often highlight the benefits.

During COVID-19 we have decided to drop these tests off to patients who need them. We are very excited to be able to provide this service and we think that it will allow people to continue on their wellness journey and thrive through this difficult time. Acting on our health goals can give us a focus. It can bring some positivity and it can allow us to make the best of this “home-time”.

If you need access to Sunday service for a lab kit or supplement book a consultation with us, we will help with your wellness program and we will be here to drop off whatever tool you need to reach your health goals.

Dr. David Duizer ND


Naturopathic Doctor