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FAQ at Noble

1) What is a Naturopathic Doctor (ND)?

– In British Columbia Naturopathic Doctors are licensed health care providers who provide primary care medical services including objective evaluations (labs), prescription medications and lifestyle recommendations (diet, exercise and supplemental therapy). 

– Their approach is holistic in nature and individualized. Evidence-informed treatments guide their practice. They consider prevention of disease a foundational pillar of their medicine. 

– In following the tenant “do no harm” they will consider least invasive therapies prior to more invasive. 

2) Can ND’s prescribe medications?

– Yes, if they complete provincial licensing exams. At Noble both Dr. Duizer and Dr. Lopez are able to prescribe medications.

3) Do the ND’s at Noble have a clinical focus?

– ND’s at Noble tend have general practices with the exception of in cancer care. Dr. Duizer has a clinical focus in integrative cancer care.

4) What are some of the special therapies available at Noble?

– Metabolism analysis 

– Cold Laser Therapy

– IV and Injection therapy

– Virtual reality for anxiety

5) What can be covered by Extended Medical Insurance?

– Naturopathic consultations and follow up visits. Some plans will allow other services and labs to be covered. Please contact your provider to inquire.

6) Which companies is Noble able to provide direct billing for?

– Please see this link for an updated list. 

7) What lab tests are available at Noble?

– Please see this link for an updated list.