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PNOE Metabolic Analysis

Testing your resting metabolic rate (RMR), VO2 Max and metabolism during exercise at Noble

Precision Holistic Wellness with PNOE

At Noble we believe the holistic approach to wellness requires a prescision assessment of body function. The PNOE Metabolic test provides us with detailed information about heart, lung and muscle health. At the same time we are able to assess mitochondrial function, strength, posture and fat burning efficiency.

What is the PNOE?

The PNOE Metabolic Device is an accurate mobile tool used by major sports teams, olympic athletes and university research programs to assess oxygen usage and carbon dioxide clearance at rest and during exercise.

This measurement allows your doctor to determine your ability to burn carbohydrates and fat for fuel, how to exercise for fitness and weight loss, how to improve the longevity of your lungs and heart and how to become the best at your chosen sport or activity.

How do I test – Vancouver’s PNOE Clinic

The PNOE Resting Metabolic Rate and Active Metabolism Tests at Noble are both included during the PNOE Metabolic Analysis.

Testing is very easy and only takes about 30 minutes. Here are the steps you need to follow to have your metabolism testing:

1) First, book a test on this website or call 604-734-7760.

2) Before your test make sure to follow these instructions:

  • Fast for 12 hours before the test
  • Avoid caffiene for 12 hours before the test
  • Avoid intense exercise greater than 1 hour for 24 hours before your test
  • Avoid smoking for 4 hours before your test

3) Arrive at Noble Naturopathic 15 minutes before your test time. Relax in our waiting area. 

4) Complete your resting metabolic test with your Naturopathic Doctor – You will be fitted with the PNOE device and asked to lie on a table quietly for 10 minutes. The device will track your oxygen intake and CO2 expired. 

5) Complete your active metabolism test with your Naturopathic Doctor – After your resting metabolic rate test you will be asked to choose between the stationary bike, treadmill or eliptical for your active metabolism test. After a three minute warm up you will be guided through a ramped exercise test. Each minute the test will become more difficult until you are too exhausted to continue your pace. 

6) Results will be calculated via the PNOE cloud and presented by your Naturopathic Doctor. You will be given resting metabolic rate and VO2 Max values during this review (and how they compare to normals for your age, height and gender). 

7) An exercise plan will be developed by your Naturopathic Doctor to support your health and wellness goals. You will be asked to complete 8-12 weeks of this plan before your PNOE Metabolic retest. 

8) A report will be generated by PNOE assessing your overall health. Please see below for an example graphic. This report will outline your lung, heart, mitochondrial, mechanical, breathing and fat burning health and ability. This report will include your exercise zones (for zone specific training) and a general exercise plan to help you reach your goals. 



What to Expect

During the resting test there is nothing required of you. You simply allow the machine to analyze your breathing. 

The active metabolism test is an exercise test. It requires the Naturopathic Doctor to challenge your fitness on a bike, treadmill or eliptical over a period of 15 minutes. After a 3 minute warm up difficulty is increased by a set amount each minute until exhaustion. Please wear exercise gear and expect a short workout. 

The test is followed by a cool down and a review of results.

Who can benefit from PNOE at Noble?

The four pillars of functional health/self care include sleep, stress reduction, healthy diet and exercise. At Noble we believe in precision everything. PNOE gives us the ability to prescribe precision exercise programs. It also allows us to assess key organ function in chronic disease and shows us the reasons for plateau or difficulty losing weight in those who have struggled with their weight loss programs. We are truely treating the cause in these cases thanks to this tool. 

Here are a few examples of how Noble has used PNOE for both assessment and theraputics:

  • Precision weight loss – building exercise plans, training for fat loss, avoiding burning, diagnosis the cause of a plateau
  • Chronic fatigue – mitochondrial health
  • Cardiovascular disease – VO2 max, aerobic fitness, tissue oxygenation
  • Respiratory disease – ventilation exchange ratio, breathing frequency, O2 volume, VO2 max
  • Post concussion syndrome – mitochondrial health, posture, breathing efficiency
  • Cancer therapy – metabolic efficiency, weight loss
  • Metabolic disease/Diabetes – weight loss, building an effective exercise plan for glucose control
  • High Performance Athletes – event prep, training schedules, live training 

Curious about PNOE?

Noble will be releasing web content, case studies, videos and educational materials about PNOE periodically. Check back here to view what we have added. PNOE is an excellent addition to our testing and treatment tools at Noble. We look forward to your next test. If you have questions not answered on this page book a free chat with one of our Naturopathic Doctors to have them answered.