Prolotherapy/Proliferation therapy

*peripheral joints only

Prolotherapy at Noble Naturopathic

Prolotherapy is a nonsurgical regenerative injection therapy that stimulates the body’s natural healing process to produce collagen in an injured joint, ligament or tendon. The goal is to help pain management and improve function. It is usually used to treat pain and dysfunction that is secondary to ligament and tendon instability.

Prolotherapy Details:

The solution injected contains a mixture of a local anaesthetic, dextrose and saline. The dextrose works as an irritant to stimulate minor inflammation, thereby increasing circulation to the area to promote healing and growth of normal tissue.

Whether you are a good candidate for prolotherapy is determined upon assessment, health history and previous treatments used. First appointments will always be a consultation to review your condition, and a treatment plan will be created that is unique to you.

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Dr. Ming Mei Zhang RMT, ND

Dr. Ming Mei Zhang is dual licensed as both a registered massage therapist (RMT) and naturopathic doctor (ND). She is certified in peripheral joint prolotherapy by the College of Naturopathic Physicians of British Columbia.