On June 5th, 2021 Dr. David Duizer ND, Naturopathic Doctor at Noble Naturopathic presented to the Saskatchewan Association of Naturopathic Doctors (SAND) at their Healing Skies Conference. 

The presentation featured Dr. Duizer’s protocol for continuous glucose monitoring for use in the prevention of chronic disease. See below for session highlights:

Reversing Insulin Resistance in an Elderly Population

After working for 6 years in chronic disease prevention and management Dr. Duizer has fine-tuned his holistic approach to metabolic wellness. The approach focuses on blood sugar control through diet, exercise, supplementation and herbal support. 

In this year’s Healing Skies Conference presentation Dr. Duizer reviewed the following aspects of his protocol:

1) Accurate assessment of insulin resistance

2) Body compostion change including lean muscle building in the elderly

3) Individualized nutrition protocols through live gluose monitoring and metabolism assessments.

4) An evidence-informed supplement protocol for blood sugar management and disease prevention.

The presentation was well-received and an exciting step forward for the team at Noble. To hear more about how Dr. Duizer can support your optimla wellness give our patient services team a call at 604-734-7760.