We are here to keep you safe, support your wellness & provide you with up-to-date information.

How is everyone doing? These are unprecedented times. 

Noble is here to support you in many different ways as we adapt and adjust to serve you best at this time. Our clinic remains open during COVID-19 as Naturopathic Doctors have been declared as an essential service in BC. Essential services are defined as “… those daily services essential to preserving life, health, public safety and basic societal functioning”.

To avoid the spread of COVID-19 we have taken the following measures:

  • Naturopathic consults will be done via secure telemedicine or phone call.
  • For those whose treatments if interrupted, would mean more harm and result in poorer health, we are seeing at the clinic.  Currently we are considering cases on an individual basis for the following:
    • Adjunctive IV therapies for existing patients who are undergoing cancer treatment
    • Cold laser visits for existing patients whose other pain managing strategies are failing to provide relief

How we are operating day to day:

  • We are following infection prevention and control guidelines for health professionals
  • We are taking care that we only have one patient per room at a time
  • We are sterilizing all counters, surfaces and equipment after each person
  • We are providing masks and gloves for each patient
  • We are practicing social distancing of 6 feet

We ask all patients that if in the time between the booking of an in-person visit and your actual appointment if you develop cold-like symptoms, cough or fever your postpone by 14 days.  

For more information about how Naturopathic Doctors are keeping patients safe and well during this time go here. 

What is next for Noble during COVID-19?

First, we will be posting evidence informed information about COVID-19 as much as possible to keep you up-to-date with what’s important. Posting will be made here on this website noblenaturopathic.com, instragram (@noblenaturopathic) and via our newsletter (sign up on this site). 

Second, our naturopathic doctors are in clinic and have a range of services that can help you navigate this unique situation. Most of these services can be done via phone or video teleconsult.

Noble is set up as a secure telehealth Naturopathic consultation service. Through this service consultations, counselling, laboratory work, prescription refills and supplement and lab kit/requisition drop off are available with us.

***We will be doing lab and supplement doorstep drop offs on Sundays for those who need delivery (Greater Vancouver only). 

As a bonus we offer direct billing to extended medical providers through Telus eClaims. For video and phone consults we can process your insurance claim over the phone.

The process is easy and efficient.

We can help you optimize your wellness during this challenging time. If you are home and interested in directing your attention and energy to improve your wellbeing, run labs and optimize your supplement and prescription routine we are here to help you accomplish this.

At the same time we can direct bill your insurance provider so the process is seamless. For more information give us a call at 604-734-7760 or request a callback here. 

Dr. David Duizer ND
Noble Naturopathic

Dr. Ana Lopez ND
Noble Naturopathic

Amy Layne
Director of Communication
Noble Naturopathic