A scientific approach & holistic mindset 

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Your Naturopathic Weight Loss Centre

At Noble, we believe the holistic approach to weight loss requires a prescision assessment of metabolism, insulin sensitivity and hormone levels. Our program focuses on optimizing metabolism, improving fat burning efficiency and sensitizing the body to carbohydrates.

Step 1: Advanced Metabolic Assessment

At Noble, we use the PNOE Metabolic Device to provide patients with an accurate assessment of their resting metabolic rate (how many calories they burn at rest) and active metabolism (how efficient they are at burning calories while they exercise). 

This measurement allows your doctor to determine your ability to burn carbohydrates and fat for fuel, how to exercise for fitness and weight loss, how to improve the longevity of your lungs and heart and create lasting body composition change without significant calorie restriction.

Step 2: Complete The Holistic Approach

At Noble, our Naturopathic Doctors apply a scientific approach to weight loss program development that includes the following: 

1) Evaluation of your insulin sensitivity – determines how well your body controls blood sugar.

This can be accomplished with a detailed medical history, fasting insulin test to determine HOMA-IR (insulin resistance score) and, if needed, a continuous glucose monitor such as the Freestyle Libre. This approach allows our clinicians to develop a nutrition and fitness plan specific to your current physiologic management of carbohydrates. 

2) Consideration for hormone testing including thyroid, testosterone, estrogen, progresterone and DHEA – determines if your metabolic rate is negatively impacted by a hormonal imbalance. 

Through the use of conventional and, if required, functional laboratory testing, our Naturopathic Doctors are able to determine if a patient’s difficulty losing weight or maintaning their results are due to hormonal imbalance. Optimizing these values through lifestyle and supplement interventions can be highly valuable to a holistic weight loss program. 

3) Review of your previous efforts – determine what has worked, what hasn’t and why. 

Restrictive diets, excessive training, insomnia, emotional eating, binge/purge eating cycles and chronic stress can all negatively impact metabolism. Through the review of your past medical history our Naturopathic Doctors are able to find clues to why you may have difficulting losing weight and maintaining results. 


Step 3: Program Development

The information gained from the detailed steps above enable our Naturopathic Doctors to determine what exercise and nutrition program would best suit you. The goal here is to acheive a slow, sustainable weight loss using a program that is health promoting as well as effective.

Common exercise tools used by our Naturopathic Doctors include:

  1. Fat max fasting training
  2. Progressive overload strength training
  3. High intensity interval training

Typical nutrition protocols used by our Naturopathic Doctors include: 

  1. Low Carbohydrate Diet
  2. Intermittent Fasting 
  3. Time Restricted Feeding
  4. The Fasting Mimicking Diet

A vitamin, mineral and herbal supplement routine may also be included in this protocol if further support is required to complete the holistic approach to weight loss and metabolism boosting. 

In our clinic, a common recommendation for weight loss is our MIC injections. These intramuscular injections contain methionine, inositol, choline, B12 and B6 and support appetite suppression, energy enhancement and fatty acid metabolism. Commonly they are prescribed once per week for four weeks. 


What to Expect

Our approach to weight loss is different. We acknowledge that everyone is different and metabolic support should be individual. Due to our ability to assess metabolic rate, insulin sensitivity and hormone levels we feel well equiped to support each and every one of you along your weight loss journey. 

The process typically begins with an initial consultation lasting 60 minutes. In this visit, your Naturopathic Doctor will determine if any conventional or functional laboratory assessments could support an improved approach, whether or not a metabolic test is warranted and if there are any naturopathic weight loss basics that can be immediately applied to support your weight loss goal. 

Next, patients complete their laboratory work and metabolic assessments. We use both Lifelabs and in-office blood, urine and saliva draws for laboratory assessments. Our metabolic test is done in-office with Dr. David Duizer ND. 

Finally, following a review of the results, a complete program including diet, exercise and supplementation (if needed) is provided. MIC injections may or may not be then implemented and follow up assessments are commonly completed every 8-12 weeks. 

For more detail regarding our approach and to speak with a Naturopathic Doctor at our clinic, please use the booking link below.