Many of you are asking about how Kid Carson’s Metabolic Makeover with Noble Naturopathic is going! We are one month in and everything is on track.

Kid and his friend Jarrett are doing really well on their metabolic makeover journey. We started this journey with three Noble Naturopathic metabolism assessments.

1) The first was a resting metabolic assessment to determine how many calories they burn at rest.

2) Then we did active metabolism test to determine what the most efficient way to exercise would be for both of them.

3) Finally we did a body composition scan to determine their muscle mass, fat mass and water mass.

Next came the programming. We build nutrition, exercise and supplementation programs for both of them. Now we are at the end of week four and we are ready to evaluate. This is a 12 week program and after the first four weeks we decided to check in for a body composition scan. Watch the video above to see the results.

Start Your Own Metabolic Makeover

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Dr. David Duizer ND
Noble Naturopathic