Announcing the launch of our new clinic!

It is with great pleasure that we announce the launch of our new naturopathic and integrative medicine clinic – Noble Naturopathic. If you are familiar with our doctors and practitioners already you know that Noble is the evolution of the Finlandia Health Centre at 2480 Spruce St. in Vancouver, British Columbia.

We are located centrally in the medical community of Fairview, have three naturopathic doctors and a series of practitioners. Noble offers direct billing to extended medical insurance plans for naturopathic medicine and has online booking (book here)

Over the last 10+ years our clinic has supported over 3000 vancouverites with holistic, integrative and functional medicine. Now, with our new name, services, technology, practitioners and vision we are poised to be the go-to, all-in-one holistic care centre for our community. Noble is built on our core values of trust, hard work and holistic approach.

We are centered in naturopathic principles and strive to apply them in every consultation:

  • first do no harm
  • prevention
  • doctor as teacher
  • treat the cause
  • support the healing potential of the body
  • treat the whole person

Our therapy and service recommendations follow the naturopathic theraputic order of least to most invaisive. While supporting patient goals we guide patients to their most natural, healthy state.

Noble is different from other clinics for many reasons but the main concept that sets us apart is our choice in technologies. We have developed a reportoire of devices to support all patient goals. Here is a small sample:

  1. PNOE Metabolic Device – used in precision weight loss and chronic disease
  2. PSIOUS Virtual Reality Therapy – used in anxiety, depression, phobia, OCD and ADHD
  3. Elapromed Medical Aesthetics – used in many dermatological conditions including acne
  4. Bioflex and Irradia Cold Laser Therapy – used in pain management and dermatological conditions including eczema and psoriasis
  5. Cryopen Liquid Nitrogen – mole and skin tag removal

Even with our technological advantage for chronic care we still stay rooted in traditional naturopathic practice including but not limited to the following therapies:

  • nutrition therapy
  • exercise therapy
  • lifestyle management
  • supplement prescrptions
  • pharmaceutical prescription and management
  • physical medicine including joint manipulation, acupuncture, IMS, cupping
  • herbal prescribing
  • IV and injection therapy
  • and the list goes on.

The Noble team is here to support existing and new patients with mental/emotional and physical therapies. With our clinic patients have the option of using complementary and alternative (CAM) total team care. Team members include a counsellor, nutritionist, BodyTalk, Reiki and a homeopath. This approach gives patients choice, is supportive of gentle, compassionate and holistic care and allows our clinic to be a go to resource for healing in chronic disease.

As a practice we do not limit the conditions or types of patients we consult with and provide treatments to. Our naturopathic doctors and practitioners have experience in cardiovascular disease , endocrine disorders, metabolic issues, integrative cancer care, chronic pain, neurological disease, autoimmune conditions, etc. Through our conventional and functional lab testing we follow patients objectivly and track treatment success individually.

For more information about our new practice please feel free to reach out. More contact details are here.

We look forward to supporting you and your family through non-invaisive, supportive and functional therapy for the years to come.

Dr. David Duizer ND
Noble Naturopathic