The PNOE Metabolism Analysis is a key feature of Dr. Duizer’s Naturopathic Medical practice. In the video above he describes the steps involved in a precision weight loss visit at Noble Naturopathic.

PNOE Metabolism Analysis at Noble

Step 1 – Body Composition Scan: Our first test in the InBody Body Composition Scan. This test tells us muscle mass and body fat percentage. We use this tool to determine if building muscle could help weight loss and as a tracking device. 

Step 2 – PNOE Resting Metabolic Rate Test – This test asssesses calorie burn at rest so that Dr. Duizer can determine how many calories the patient should consume per day. We also learn whether or not the patient burns fat well at rest.

Step 3 – Active Metabolism Test – This test tells us how fit a patient is and at which heart rate they burn calories efficiently. This test enables Dr. Duizer to program exercise to support weight loss goals.

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