DUTCH Hormone Testing

Precision Analytical’s most comprehensive hormone assessment

Precision Hormone Testing at Noble

At Noble we believe the holistic approach to wellness requires prescision assessments. The DUTCH Test is one of our favorites. With one set of urine samples our Naturopathic Doctors can better support patient’s hormone levels bringing the body back to balance. Protocols to support hormone balancing are used in symptoms such as PMS, menopausal symptoms, low sex drive, difficulty losing weight, fatigue and depression.

What is the DUTCH Hormone Test?

The Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones (DUTCH) is a comprehensive assessment of hormones including sex hormones, adrenal hormones and their associated metabolites. The DUTCH Test is one of Noble Naturopathic’s most commonly used functional tests.

This test gives Noble’s Naturopathic Doctors a close look at a patient’s hormone cascade so they can better assist in hormone balancing (either through herbal and nutrient approaches or using Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy – BHRT). 

Frequently Asked Questions – DUTCH Hormone Testing in Vancouver

Why might we recommend the Dutch Hormone Test?
-Applications in: hormone imbalances, hot flashes, depression, fatigue, weight gain, mood swings, poor sexual function and trouble sleeping.

How is the Dutch Hormone Test completed?
-Patients collect 4-5 dried urine samples over a 24 hour period. Dried samples are stable for several weeks long making them convenient to ship worldwide.

How long do the results take?
-The report will be ready in 7-10 business days from the time the labs are received by Precision Analytical.

Is the Dutch Hormone Test for both men and women?
-Yes, the Dutch Hormone test is for both men and women.

What metabolites are tested on the Dutch Hormone Test?
-Estrogen metabolites (E1, E2, E3, 2-OH-E1, 4-OH-E1, 16-OH-E1, 2-Methoxy-E1, 2-Methoxy-E2, 2-OH-E2, 4-OH-E2)
-Androgen metabolites (testosterone, DHEAS, DHT, and more)
-Progesterone metabolites (b-Pregnanediol, a-Pregnanediol)

What is the cost of the Dutch Hormone Test?

Is the test completed in-office, at home or at a lab?
-The DUTCH test is completed at home and then sent via UPS to Precision Analytical




What to Expect – Dutch Hormone Testing Consultation

Initial Consultation: During your initial consultation the Naturopathic Doctor will ask you questions about your hormone imbalance-related symptoms and review your overall health including stress, sleep, diet, exercise, digestion and so on. Details for completing the DUTCH Test will then be reviewed and an at-home kit will be provided.

Completing Your Test: The instructions for completing the test will be provided by your Naturopathic Doctor. The DUTCH Test has to be completed on a specific day of your cycle (day 19-21) if you are a cycling female. For those in menopause and for men the test can be completed any day of the month. 

Reviewing Your Results: A results review consultation will take place when they are available. Noble will call the patient to schedule a follow up consultation. Each hormone and reference range will be reviewed in detail during the follow up consultation and the steroid pathway graph below will be referenced to highlight implications of a hormone imbalance and how to correct.